During Trinity term 2020 in the early pandemic, the OUNCS team collaborated on a newsletter to keep people updated with conservation news and views.

TT Newsletter Series 1

We are very excited to bring to you our first weekly OUNCS newsletter! As we won’t be able to host talks this term, we have created a newsletter to keep you up do date with conservation news. Our newsletter compiles a range of articles, talks, online events and book recommendations that we have personally picked.Continue reading “TT Newsletter Series 1”

TT Newsletter Series 2

Welcome to another weekly update about all things conservation related. Find out this week about carnivorous peat bog plants, some promising news about coral reefs and how you can both watch and help conserve wildlife across the globe. We would also like to thank everyone who applied for committee positions this week, we now haveContinue reading “TT Newsletter Series 2”

TT Newsletter Series 3

Happy sixth week! We have a lot this week to get excited about including a documentary about a conservation success story, an essay competition to get involved in and Tuesday was World Peatland Day! ~ The OUNCS Committee #BlackBirdersWeek Keep an eye out on social media for #BlackBirdersWeek, organised by @BlackAFinSTEM. The idea is toContinue reading “TT Newsletter Series 3”

TT Newsletter Series 4

Hi all! It has been a good week for those who are missing visiting wildlife. Local nature reserves are re-opening, WWT centers are letting people through their doors and Chester Zoo has now been allowed to open for the public. We hope that you are finding ways to get outside to re-engage with the wildContinue reading “TT Newsletter Series 4”

TT Newsletter Series 5

We hope you have been enjoying our newsletter! The bad news is that as we come to the end of term, we are in discussion over whether the newsletter should go forward. The good news is, this newsletter is a particularly interesting one! Find out about the controversies surrounding the “invasive species” concept, how theContinue reading “TT Newsletter Series 5”