Meet the team

The 2022-23 committee

Taras Bains

Projects Officer

I’m a fourth year biologist at Wadham. I have a real interest and passion for wildlife conservation and biodiversity and my master’s project will focus on the relationship between local communities and protected areas. In my spare time I volunteer for Conservation Optimism as a member of the blog team and as an education volunteer with my local Wildlife Trust.

Amelia Bryan


Hi! I’m Amelia and I’m a second year biologist. I’m particularly interested in ornithology and plant biology.

Jamie Walker

Practical Conservation Officer

I’m a fourth-year biologist at Somerville. I am interested in all the ways that humans and the natural world interact. I love approaching nature through writing and reading poetry, and I have just written my first play, about rewilding! But nothing beats getting outside into a green space and experiencing it all directly… apart from doing it with other people!

Bethany Smith


Hi I’m Bethany, a fourth year biology student at Somerville. I am particularly passionate about marine conservation and the use of media as a tool to inspire conservation action. I hope we grow our community this year and inspire conservation action both within Oxford and beyond.

Ellie Sandiford


Hi, I’m Ellie, a fourth year biology student at Wadham and I’m particularly excited for our oxford-centred biodiversity projects this term.

Youngjun (Jun) Lee

IT & Social Media Officer

I’m a second-year biologist at Christ Church. I am interested in community ecology and the relationship between nature and people, particularly how urban landscapes could help reimagine modern human/more-than-human interactions through media like citizen science. As a member of the British Bryological Society, I also like to spend time looking at mosses!